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Green tea, is it a Fat Burner ?

green tea, is it a fat burner

Besides keeping your skin healthy and lowering cholesterol, green tea also helps with reducing stubborn belly fat. “It’s content of catechins (EGCG), antioxidants, have the ability to increase your metabolic rate by 4-5 percent and improve fat oxidation by 10-16 percent,”explains Bonfiglio Cunningham. Studies in France also confirm that having 1 cup of green tea […]

The Power Facial, Newest “Runway” Medi-Facial

power facial

“The Power Facial”, the newest, next-generation of our “runway” medi-facial. “By combining lasers, radio frequency, ultrasound devices and other technologies we realized you get longer lasting results while  slowing down  the aging process,”  says Gordana, Spa Director Ici Paris Skin Care Clinic & Spa. The Power Facial utilizes the synergistic effects of 5 different non-invasive technologies to […]

Blackheads, Pimples and Large Pores oh my!

No one likes blackheads, pimples or large pores. Those pesky black marks are actually dead skin cells and excess oil which have oxidized upon contact with air which turns them black. Blackheads are persistent because your body does not see them as a threat. Pimples, on the other hand are caused by bacteria which the […]

Benefits of Exfoliation

Aha scrub

Exfoliation is an important aspect of proper skin care. In a nutshell, as it removes the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, it allows for improved skin renewal, blood circulation, smoother texture, even skin tone and brighter complexion. There are numerous ways to exfoliate the skin: Glycolic or Fruit Acid Peels These peels […]

Black Oxygen Organics

Black Oxygen Organics have created a drink to reflect the Antioxidant and Electrolyte benefits of Fulvic Acid. This unique drink is delivered through a cap that easily fits on a standard water bottle. You simply need to take one cap a day to reduce the ravages of inflammation and oxidative stress. Feel better, get more […]

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