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Laser or Electrolysis?

DSCN4340 The most frequently asked question is “should I do laser or electrolysis”?

The fastest and believe it or not, the most economical treatment, (in the long run) to cover all areas of the body, especially large areas is to do laser first, to get rid of the darkest and strongest roots.

The number of treatments will vary depending on colour of the hair and skin, also coarseness and density of hair. The face usually takes longer than the hair on underarms, bikini and legs.

When we reach the point were fewer and lighter hair is left, (especially on the face) I switch to electrolysis. Laser works faster on dark and coarse roots with light skin and electrolysis on lighter softer roots on all skins colours.

The best laser that works safely and effectively on dark skin is the NDYAG long pulse with wave length 1,064 nm. It is safer because it bypasses the epidermal layers so there is no risk of pigmenting the skin. On black skin, coarse hair usually irritates the skin, because it is coiled causing a lot of ingrown hair.

My clients can not believe that their skin is so much better and smoother in just after a few sessions. Usually there is no or very little irritation after laser treatment.

Some people tell me that they had laser in the past but it was not very successful.

In my experience, the most common reason for this is, that even though the hair appears to be dark on the outside, the pigment inside the hair bulb, (where the laser is attracted to) is grey with some or not at all dark pigment, or with brown reddish pigment. Lasers do not pick up grey or reddish pigments yet. (Eventhough some claim that some do).

This is the reason that before I do the laser procedure, I like to do a thorough consultation first and a patch test to see if one would be a good candidate for this treatment.

The best advertisement for me is the word of mouth. This is how I get most of my clientele, and from doctors who are familiar with my work.

-Aliki, Laser Specialist, Electrologist and Medical Esthetician

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