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Mareena’s Favorite Rainbow Foods for a Healthy Radiant Skin

Head esthetician Mareena
Head esthetician Mareena

Here is a list of my favorite Rainbow Foods for a healthy, clear, radiant skin.

watermelons, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, beets, red peppers, pomegranates
persimmons, apricots, papaya, butternut squash, kumquats, goldenberries, sea-buckthorn berries
lemons, egg yolks (whole eggs really), mangoes, peaches, yellow peppers, pineapples, durian fruit (I know it stinks, but I love it!)
avocados, kiwis, cucumbers, parsley, cilantro, baby kale, green olives,
fruit and vegetable rainbowBlue:
hmmmm…. Blue cheese? (Yes, for occasional guilty pleasure!)
BLUEberries, kelp seaweed, blue-green algae: chlorella, spirulina (It’s actually emerald-green.I put half a teaspoon of each in my green smoothie – it’s great for a radiant skin.)
kalamata olives, black cherries, black beans, black currants, vanilla beans, blackberries, plums (prunes)
lavender, eggplants, fresh figs, red onions, red cabbage, dulse seaweed, mulberries

    I’d love to hear your favorite rainbow foods!

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