Fades dark spots, brightens complexion
Skin Types: all
50 ml & 30ml

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Yon-Ka Essential White Perfect Tone Brightening Duo is an indulging skincare duo that works to fade dark spots, while visibly brightening the complexion.

The set includes:

  • Yon-Ka Creme Lumiere Unifying Brightening Cream (50 ml)
  • Yon-Ka Solution Clarte Daily Bright and Peel Solution (30 ml)

Creme Lumiere Brightening Cream (50ml)
This powerful yet silky brightening daily treatment is the key element of your fight against dull and uneven complexion as well as dark spots. It’s truly innovative formula features a patented and extremely efficient active ingredient, time –defying Vitamin C, which will deeply control the pigmentation process. As a result, this most efficient Vitamin C will correct dark spots and prevent new pigment spots from developing. Additionally, anti-aging and hydrating ingredients will provide ultimate comfort and a smoother look. In just a few weeks, the complexion is unified as discolouration is drastically reduced. Now protected, your skin glows with new-found brightness, and remains perfectly balanced.

Solution Clarte Daily Bright and Peel Solution (30ml)
This potent exfoliating fluid is your essential first step to a bright and velvety complexion free from dark spots. Its exclusive formula features a triple-acid synergy of dermatological acids including glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids. Prickly Pear Extract works in tandem with the acids and boosts the skin’s ability to dissolve lifeless skin cells. The skins deeper cells are soothed and hydrated with natural sugars and the pigmentation process is controlled to correct tone irregularities. The result is a smoothing and renewing effect that optimizes the brightening actions of the complete ESSENTIAL WHITE regime.