Toenail Fungus Treatment

Don’t hide your feet anymore because of nail fungus. Come in for an effective onychomycosis treatment with the help of our Candela GentleMax Pro laser. Onychomycosis (toe nail fungus) is one of the most commonly diagnosed foot conditions, affecting 10-12 percent of the population. Laser nail fungus treatment is one of the most common procedures performed at Ici Paris. 

Our Gentlemax Pro laser is a pain-free solution used to efficiently eliminate toenail fungus. It allow us to treat nail fungus symptoms locally without the side effects of oral medications. It is the safest, quickest and most effective treatment option. The heat from the laser is used to debilitate and destroy toe nail fungus but will not injure your tissues. Once the fungus is gone, the once-affected nails are free to recover and return to normal.

Nearly all infectious agents can be killed by heat, which makes laser therapy an extremely promising new option for anyone suffering from a fungal infection of the nails. All toenails are treated for best results.

Laser onychomycosis treatments are non-invasive and do not harm your tissues; thus, no recovery time will be needed following treatment.

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